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Manascourge Valkyrie - A D&D 5e Monster for When you Truly Hate Magic

Here is a bit of lore on these creatures, for those of you who are curious:

Manascourge & Shadowchain Valkyries

The celestial aether is the source of incredibly beautiful angels, all of which seek to aid the efforts of mankind. The same cannot be said for the Manascourge and Shadowchain Valkyries. These kinds of angels, who don female humanoid faces, fall down upon the earth with nothing but divine justice in their and death on their minds. While some angels are called for in moments of uncertainty, these valkyries only attend the calls of certain war and death. They fall upon the battlefield with rage and power, debilitating both casters and fighters alike and defeating them swiftly, before returning to the celestial halls to celebrate. As for what they leave behind them, it's nothing but death.

Most berserkers tell stories of Shadowchain Valkyries, who appear from parting clouds and lay waste to battlefields, chaining cowardly archers and striking down unprepared fighters. They are ruthless, they are bloodthirsty, but they are just. And, it is said, when they make their presence known on a battlefield, those with lawful souls have nothing to fear. Oathbreakers, traitors and invaders, however, meet a divine end.

Lesser known are the Manascourge Valkyries, who are the bane of sorcerers and wizards alike. These vicious angels see magic as an unlawful tactic in battles. Due to this bleief, they descend upon those that disturb the battlefields with puny spells and magics, taking away their powers in the blink of an eye, before chopping them down with their massive blades. Under their watchful eye, not even 30 wizards could change the impact of a battle, for they will be fallen before a single magical incantation is said.

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