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Naturalize and Fireflower Bloom - 2 New D&D 5e Druid Spells to shift the control of the battlefield

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Hello everyone!

Druids are a bit lacking in their spellist, so I figured a few new additions wouldn’t hurt. Naturalize is based on a fairly popular MtG card called pacify, which does what it says on the tin. The original art for it inspired the spell, melting armor into nothingness.

Enemies wearing armor isn’t all the common that is not natural armor is not very common, so this makes for a very niche spell, but against a foe in heavy armor, a potential -8 to their AC is incredible.

Fireflower bloom is based on the circle of wildfire, which can deal fire damage but is also focused on the life-giving aspect of fire. This is the idea that I try to give through the spell.

Take Care!


(Dungeons and Dragons 5e Spell)

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