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Simple Fixes to Make the D&D 5e Monk more Durable as a Front Liner

The monk is a great class, it's every martial artist's dream to strike ki points, stun foes, run around at mach speed, and strike your opponents faster than the eyes can see.

As I mention in the post monks are great, but very flimsy, with their d8 hit points, and their constant need to invest into DEX and WIS if they want their various abilities to be viable. Which leaves them little room to invest in CON for more health, or in various feats to be more resistant, like a fighter or barbarian could do more easily.

So here are some proposed changes. Feel free to ignore them if you feel like the monk is strong enough. I've tried them in my games and they felt like a nice boon, but everybody's experience can be different.

I also created some additional Monk Features, like airwalk, vacuum strikes and more to add to the monk's thematic feel, which can be found on Patreon, along the rest of my content.

Take care!

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