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Star Fallen Manticore - D&D 5e Gravitational-Empowered Creature

Hello everyone,

This monster is inspired by the Star Fallen Beasts from Elden Ring. I love their ability to make you levitate before slamming you down, as you watch your character helplessly struggling. It truly has a cinematic feel to it, and I wanted to put that on a proper D&D monster.

I'm not 100% happy with the Invert Gravity Action, I think it could be polished further but I'm not sure how. If you have suggestions let me know!

I'm currently adding more and more gravity options to my Secrets of Gravity Magic Compendium, and this will be one of them, you can catch all of what I created so far (+600 pages of D&D content) on my Patreon.

Take Care!

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Cowboy bird
Cowboy bird
Oct 17, 2022

Great detail

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