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Starscourge Radahn in D&D 5e - Crush your players with this Elden Ring Boss

This took so long to make!

(image property of FromSoftware)

I had to simplify some of the super complex attack patterns of Radahn into a 5e statblock that is usable by a DM, and somehow make it fit the CR 14 that my followers on IG voted for.

But it's actually two consecutive fights, one against a CR 14 and one against a CR 15 creature.

Seeing as this is a 3 phase boss fight, it was hard to make it all fit, and still be usable for all tables, splitting it into 2 statblocks is the best way I found to do things.

That's it for me, take care!


PS: Talking about Elden ring, I’m currently working on a Soulsborne inspired D&D setting, which contains tricks weapons, eldritch abominations, nightmarish subclass and more, check it out here.


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