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The Blightwalker - Lure your Foes In Before Shredding Them to Pieces - Monster for DnD 5e.

With the Guide to the Abyssal Depths done, now is time to move on to some new and fresh horizon, which means new templates!

I have no clue what the name will be, but I do know what the content will be.

Something along the lines of Plants & Undead & Evil. With a bit a low magic setting added in there. If you have any name suggestions I'm all ears!

Also, a lot of monsters will be "Plant (undead)" or the opposite "Undead (plant)", and I have no ideas what the implications for the blight spell would be, since most of these monsters will be under the influence of an evil entity called "the Blight".

Enjoy the first monsters of what will hopefully be a new crazy series.

Take care!

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