Warlock: The Blight - D&D 5e - Restore the Natural Order, or Else...

Part of the upcoming Horrors of the Blighted Woods.

The concept behind this beauty was to create a warlock patron that just wanted to destroy all humanity ever made and bring nature back in control. Fitting for these times, isn't it?

Alternate Spelllist without the homebrew spells which are from the Horrors of the Blighted Woods.

Spell Level Spells 1st entangle, fog cloud 2nd barkskin, spike growth 3rd call lightning, plant growth 4th giant insect, stone shape 5th contagion, insect plague

The other spells are on Patreon, alongside unique warlock invocations and much, much more.

Also, the bark strider which the class creates can also be found on Patreon for free!