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D&D 5e Subclass: The Dinosaur King - A Primal Patron for Melee Warlocks [Echoes of Extinction]

Hello good hunter,

Today a new primal warlock patron—the Dinosaur King! For those seeking a warlock with an up-close, melee fighting style, this saurian entity can grant dinosaur-like powers to enhance your strikes.

As a Dinosaur King warlock, you can invoke aspects of dinosaur might—a transformation into a rampaging beast! This patron emphasizes getting into melee and unleashing your inner fury.

The Dinosaur King calls to those who favor the warlock class but also enjoy a good brawl.

Important note: the bite scales with your warlock level, not character level.

Take Care!

Evan, MonkeyDM

P.S: Find more primal subclasses from Echoes of Extinction on my Patreon.

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Subclass)

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