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D&D 5e Warlock: The Fates - Control the Tides of War [Wrath of Olympus]

Hello good hunter,

The idea here was to explore the concept of fate and destiny in a warlock-y way. (instead of a divination wizard for example)

This means you don't get exact control over the powers you bestow, which makes sense, seeing as you are borrowing the power of fate, not mastering it.

You'll also gain the abilities to hold spells, which is a way to fix the short number of spells warlocks are working with.

The Fate ability had to be balanced quite a bit. At first you could use it a number of times equal to your CHA mod, but that caused all sorts of issues with multiclassing, so we decided to scale it with your warlock level instead.

Take Care!

Evan, MonkeyDM

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(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Subclass)

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