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Hell-Diving - Defend Democracy or Die Trying! (Level 9 D&D 5e Adventure)

Prepare for a death-defying mission in "Hell-Diving", a high-stakes adventure inspired by Helldivers 2. (Optimised for three to five characters of 9th level.)

Expect intense combat against hordes of enemies, tough choices, and the ever-present threat of death. Oh, and did I mention there is a nuke?

As warriors of Graystrand, you'll fight against infernal hordes to defend dwarven democracy among the stars. Utilize an array of powerful weaponry, including turrets, cannons, and bombs, to fortify your position and hold back the infernal onslaught.

Do you have what it takes to secure victory for democracy? Find out in this deadly action-packed adventure!

You can find the adventure on Roll20 ready to play here:

Take Care!

Evan | MonkeyDM

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(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Adventure )

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