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A Grand Performance ! Get ready for this Role-play heavy One-Shot for DnD 5e

A GRAND PERFORMANCE is a free level 10 adventure for 3-5 players full of intrigue, cursed beings, blood trails and vampiric romance.

A woman is missing, howling screams are heard during the night, while lavish shows are taking place in town. Something is amiss and you are sent to find out what !

Valentine’s day is behind us, and to celebrate (?) here is a kidnapping/mystery adventure ! Trails of blood, unholy monsters and vampires meet in the grandiose One-Shot.

This adventure here took a while to complete as it is quite different from what I usually create. This here has a huge emphasis on the narrative aspect of things, and engages players in roleplay a whole lot more than combat. Will they manage to decipher the riddles for 5 years old ? Play and find out !

We also released an extended adventure, with additional maps, monsters, traps, loot, and a deeper mystery, for your adventuring pleasure !

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