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ONI MOTHER OKAWA - Free, Eastern, level 4 One-Shot Adventure for D&D 5e

Want a break from your main campaign? ONI MOTHER OKAWA is a Free, level 4 One-Shot for 4–6 players full of intrigue, ancient artefacts, puzzles, and frozen enemies.

Hello everyone,

As the cold months are making their way towards us, I figured that an adventure which freezes characters to the bones would be perfect! (The irony isn’t lost on me, as I’m sipping my warm coco inside my apartment while it’s -5°C (23°F) outside).

I’m very happy to share this with all of you. 12 pages of pure Adventuring Goodness, full of intrigue and tension, this adventure will delight your players. It’s filled with puzzles meant for 5th graders, the true bane to D&D players. It’s packed with fun NPCs and unique monsters, which will delight everyone, or at the very least freeze them!

Get the free pdf by scrolling below!

I also released an extended adventure, with an additional 13 pages of content, with 3 extra maps, new monsters, unique loot, and a boss fight against the True From of Mother Okawa for your adventuring pleasure !

Take care !

P.S: This amazing cover art was created by the insanely talented Rerin_kin

(maps are under the PDF)

(download the PDF by clicking the arrow on the top right corner) (get the maps here)


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