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The Remedy - A Cruel Adventure delving inside the depravity and madness of an Eldritch Curse

Updated: Jan 4

Will you survive the scourge of monsters that plagues Luyarnha?

This free level 4 adventure is inspired by Lovecraftian Horror and the Soulsborne franchise, in it you'll discover a Victorian setting crawling with nightmarish monsters, eldritch moons, and the ever-looming threat of madness.

It will take your players to the heart of the Ruby District, an area of the town of Luyarnha suffering from the influence of the Eldritch Moon, and overrun with beasts and aberrations.

As this is a dark fantasy/gothic horror setting, the adventure reflects that. It is tough, twisted, and survival is not guaranteed. I made sure to include descriptions of the city, and the scourge that afflicts it, to help immerse players in the atmosphere.

This adventure is part of Steinhardt's Guide to the Eldritch Hunt a massive 350+ pages setting book for DnD 5e inspired by the Soulsborne franchise and Lovecraftian horror funded by over 9000 backers. Click to join the ranks of the eldritch hunters today!

And now without further ado, the adventure!


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