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Adventure - Ocean of Greed

Start this New Year right with a good resolution like Plundering and Looting to your hearts’ content ! Ocean of Greed is a Free DnD 5e, level 8 One-Shot for 3–6 players full of treasure, blood, pirates, and one angry Treasure Golem.

"Hello everyone, Monkey here, For this new year I have taken a good resolution, I’ll become a pirate. The sea, the plundering, the treasures, the law enforcers knocking on my door…. Change of plan. I’ll be a pirate in DnD, seems more reasonable, and I’ll share the adventure with you !"

I’m very happy to share this with all of you. 8 pages of pure Adventuring Goodness, full of possibilities and tension, this adventure will delight your players. It’s filled with mini-games to give the impression of actually boarding a high seas casino, and is packed with unique monsters, which will delight everyone.

Get the free pdf Here !

I also released an extended adventure, with 2 extra maps, new monsters, unique loot, more casino games, brimming with new rooms and boss fights for you adventuring pleasure ! You can grab it by clicking here !

Grab the full expended adventure on Roll20 here !

Take care ! (And don’t pay attention to the Ocean 11 references)

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