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Dread Tides - The Seas Hunger for Blood - D&D 5e Compendium

Hello good hunter,

I thrilled to offer you an exclusive sneak peek into the haunting world of the Leechdepth.

Dive into a free abridged version of "Dread Tides" and get a taste of a realm where vampiric pirates rule the waves, and every shadow whispers tales of darkened and nautical nightmares. Download the preview at the bottom of the page.

This preview offers a massive glimpse (44 pages) into the world of "Dread Tides."

The full depth of its 97-pages of its mysteries, magic, and monsters can be unlocked in its entirety on our Patreon.

Here's a brief summary of the book:

Embark on the Darkest Voyage

In the heart of the Leechdepth, a sea where the moonlight casts eerie silhouettes and the waters run red, lies a world where vampiric pirates sail in search of their next victim, and where every shadow holds a secret.

"Dread Tides" is your map to this treacherous realm, a 97-pages tome drenched in darkened blood and nautical nightmares

Races of the Bloodied Waters

  • Bloodjaw & Bloodflow Elf: Beings with an insatiable hunger for blood.

  • Leechdepth Reavers: Undead parasites looking to spread their madness.

  • Depthfolk & Lanternfolk: Mysterious creatures that lurk in the abyss, each with tales as deep as the ocean.

  • ... and more from the 18 race options, everything from the fierce Treasure Gnomes to the enigmatic Sugaris.

Harness the Abyssal Powers

  • Barbarian's Path of the Shipwreck: Channel the fury of the tempestuous seas.

  • Blackbeard Sorcerer: Unleash a whirlwind of arcane and gunpowder to blast your foes to smithereens.

  • Warlock's Dreadship Pact: Form dark alliances with the ghostly vessels that haunt the Leechdepth.

  • ... and a plethora of other from 13 subclasses, each offering unique powers and challenges.

Dark Magic & Forbidden Arts

  • RUSHED MECHANIC: A new spellcasting technique that trades power for speed. But every shortcut has its price...

  • Dive into 42 new spells, 15 game-changing feats, and 5 immersive backgrounds to shape your character's dark destiny.

Relics, Beasts, & Nightmares

  • Discover 27 cursed items, from whispering weapons to amulets with insatiable appetites.

  • Confront the horrors of the deep: the seductive Mermaid Tideshaper, the treacherous Vampirate, and the dreaded Lord of the Leechdepth himself.

Do you have what it takes to survive?

Check the free PDF below and let's see!

Download PDF • 156.97MB

Craving the Full Journey?

The sea of blood and shadows is vast, and this is but the horizon. By joining our Adept Tier, you'll not only unlock the full "Dread Tides" experience but also become an integral part of our community, shaping the future of our dark voyages. Unlock hundreds of high-quality subclasses, races spells and more!

Are you ready to embark on the ultimate journey?

(Dungeons & Dragons 5e Compendium)

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