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Tome of Twilight - A Book of Light, Darkness and Vampires for DnD 5e

(New Monsters, Subclasses, Races, Spells, Feats & more!)

Hello everyone,

It's super happy to be able to present to you the Tome of Twilight!

Inside, you’ll find 20 new monsters, 8 subclasses, a new Vampire Prestige Class, 6 races and sub races, 11 new magic items, more than 33 new spells, feats, metamagic options, new rules, gorgeous art, and more, for pages upon pages of new content for 5e!

This book can fit in most settings, ideally dark fantasy ones, as it brings a lot of somber and unsettling options to your game. It tackles mainly themes of light and darkness with quite a few player options based around that, and also covers the world of darkness, literally, meaning that vampire themes are also present. It’s made for players and DMs that want to delve into themes of light and darkness ,or vampiric themes, and enhance their games with it.

It includes revisions to popular races such as the Twilight Bloodline Tieflings, the Eyes of the Departed, as well as never seen before subclasses, such as the Vampiric Bloodline Sorcerer. New versions of the Vampire Prestige Class, acclaimed spells such as Twilight Veil are part of the package too !


If you're wanting the FULL PDF Version, you can click HERE to get it on Patreon. (You'll also get access to over 40+ adventures to try out all the new stuff, and the previous compendium!)

You can also buy it directly from the Store HERE


If you’d like to check out the Free Abridged Version, which contains the main elements of the Compendium, then look below! (To download the pdf, click on the top right corner, you may have to move the document a bit depending on your browser)

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