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Free D&D Beginner Adventure - SCALES OF JUSTICE

Want to Introduce your Friends to D&D ? SCALES OF JUSTICE is a Free level 2 One-Shot with Dark Fantasy Tones and a Tough Moral Dilemma!

Now is a time for despair, loss and tough decisions. In this beginner-friendly One-Shot you'll enjoy a somber story, which can easily be used as a campaign starter. It’s peppered with unique NPCs, this adventure will take your players through grim streets and disreputable bars, facing gangs in search of truth. It's a low level adventure on purpose, easy to role play and enjoy the combat in.

This adventure is mostly meant for new DMs and Players, but everyone is welcomed to enjoy it.

It is also ready to play on Roll20 Here.

Download Maps & Tokens here:

This adventure is a grim expedition. It doesn't offer any straight forward resolution to the main conflict, leaving it up to the players to make the decision they deicide is best, or worst... It's a perfect excuse to indulge your players in tragedy, or add more serious tones to your campaign. In any case it offers some never-seen before encounters!

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