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Into the Maw - A Free DnD Adventure where you explore the guts of a Kraken

Updated: Feb 23, 2021


It's pirate life for you ! Enjoy this free, level 3 marine adventure for 4–5 players full of sharks, guts, blood, acid, and one massive Kraken.

This adventure starts off as a quest for new adventurers in search of money, and will take them through the "beautiful" guts of a kraken, all illustrated with gorgeous map. Experience the claustrophobia of exploring this behemoth, and surviving its digesting fluids ! It can be adapted to fit any campaign, so long as oceans and krakens exist in your setting !

The party has been hired to harvest crystals from the gut of a Kraken by an old harvesting crew that got the tip first. The mission is time sensitive, as other harvesters will join and try to get their share as soon as they hear the news.

They've been given the location where to meet up in a few hours as night is starting to fall. For the sake of this adventure, The Crying Shore is the name of the location, as a lot of the sea creatures seem to end their life on these sands.

I love D&D because you get to do crazy scenarios like that one !

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