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Love is Lost - 5e DND Adventure

Is this a Valentine’s Day One shot ? Love is Lost is a free level 4 adventure for 3-6 players full of budding romance, interesting NPCs, oceanic wonders and one epic boss battle against Cupidon.

Hello everyone, monkey here,

Valentine’s Day is upon us, so it’s time for love, romance and bloody murder, and do I have the latter to offer ! Trails of love, ill-intentioned merchants, pirates and sailors meet in the One-Shot.

I’m proud to share it with all of you. Pure Valentine’s Goodness, full of romance and humour this adventure will delight your players.

Get it for free here: PDF

We also released an extended adventure, More side quests, fleshed out characters and interactions, unique loot, expended sea exploration, additional maps and more, for you adventuring pleasure ! You can grab it on my Patreon by clicking here !

I also released the full expended version on Roll20, get by clicking here !

Take care !

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