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DnD Adventure - The Altar of Blood. An Epic and Free level 17 One-Shot for 3–6 players

Engage in a fight to the death against the First Plague ! This adventure is full of well… blood, blood monster, traps, and a fight against the Antichrist that is the 1st Plague.

You are renowned adventurers, mighty heroes of the Realm, and the Realm needs your help. The 10 plagues have been unleashed upon the lands, and who else but you to take the fight against the first one.

Apparently the world doesn't have enough adventures of high level, so here is my attempt at fixing that. In this adventure you'll fight one of the 10 Plagues of Egypt given form. (They are from my Full Compendium on the 10 Plagues turning them into epic DnD monsters).

I'm very happy to share this with all of you. It contains pages epic level adventuring, full of terrifying monsters, this adventure will delight your players, especially if they have been craving that high level stuff. It's packed with plenty of memorable moments and battles, culminating into an epic boss battle at the top of the world !

We also released an extended adventure, with new maps by Czepeku, a new monster (the Blood Coiler), traps and loot, filled with new side quests for you adventuring pleasure !

Grab the Extended version of the Adventure on my Patreon here ! along with tons of other adventures and compendiums !

Grab the Roll20 Version Here, all set up for your game, with dynamic lighting and all.

Take Care !

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